About Our Protective Knee Padded Pants



There is nothing greater than contributing to the well being of our country with our carpenter pants. If we have success so will many more people, from employees to distributors to manufacturers and so on, that's what we want because it's possible and we like possible. Your support will mean more to us than you might ever imagine and we are prepared to forever remember YOU in our endeavor. We want to create the best pair of working pants for the working men and working women of today; develop a good solid pair of pants that are reliable, custom and versatile for any environment; for every one who works part time or full time on their knees or just has a need for added protection and added comfort; any age/gender groups; its endless.


What makes our strapless knee pad arrangement distinctly different are simplicity, versatility and durability.  A user can remove the comfort pad, replace a worn-out pad or replace an existing pad with a thicker pad. It offers easy removal and easy implant without having to remove the garment. The pad can have different thickness from 3/16" to 3/4". The actual pocket can be made of thick cowhide leather, durable bendable rubber plastic, even thick over 10 ounces of denim. We have designs for casual, play and work applications.
Our carpenter pants designs are for all age and gender groups. Proprietary padding cutomized for the pockets.
The zipper lock replaces the burning sensation caused by straps and keeps the pad in place by locking over the pad itself.

Our Background

As painting contractors, we often times do baseboards on our knees; it is painful after a while. When we acknowledged that a better device was needed, better than the knee padded pants arrangement with straps or better than the encased knee pad, we set out to PATENT a new useful and simple solution. While we were  focusing on our needs as a Paint Contractor we soon noticed the needs of the floor installer, carpet layer, photographer, archaeologist and so on. We could not stop where and how this invention could make a difference in the life of the end user. We believe that this invention will change the way we view comfort and protection for the knees and like the zipper made a difference, we believe the knee padded pant garment will make a difference.


Day to Day

Every day is a new adventure. At zkarz.com we believe in living life with hard work and family improving all the time.


Our Vision

zkarz.com is dedicated to providing the finest work wear making the world better one product at a time.


Latest Trends

At zkarz.com we don't necessarily follow the latest trends. We believe a great product is something that can redefine trends.

Our Goal

To change the way we work and play on our knees catering to both men and women or any person of any age or of any endeavor.

How We Began


It was a hard ground floor that nourished the concept back in 1997,
We now own a USA; UTILITY PATENT (US 8,108,945 B2) for a Knee Padded Pocket System that can be attached to any padded pant garment of any size or of any kind. Knees can now be protected from long kneeling times and from accidental falls without the irritations and/or the inconveniences offered by other Knee Padded Systems. No other knee padded protective work pants arrangement has the simplicity, versatility or durability embedded in our product. In 2009 the concept became a reality. Our BRAND is USA, we make the pockets in the USA, they can be attached to any pant garment imported and/or American Made, of any style and/or material.