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"A great deal of my time working is spent on my knees (no crude comments, please), whether it be indoors or outdoors. I got a set of knee pads for the first time a few years ago, as I noticed them gaining popularity among workmen of all trades. The first pair I got were comfortable, and had hard plastic knee caps. Well, the first time I squatted down on a smooth troweled concrete floor, my one knee slipped out sideways due to the hard plastic cap. Picture doing a "split" on your knees. I pulled a groin muscle or something, because I sure was sore for a while. After that instance, I threw the pads out with the hard plastic caps and got a $3 pair that are just all foam rubber with a velcro strap. That's pretty much what I've been using ever since, but I've gone through several pairs. They don't last too long (maybe a year), but they are only 3 to 5 bucks a pair. I'm about due to shop for a new pair, and I thought I'd ask for recommendations. It seems like there must be a pair by now that are considered "the best" by a lot of people. They need to be non marking, for kneeling on finished flooring from time to time. Help me out. "


" Well, one of the consequential side benefits of wearing knee pads for kneeling tasks is that the knees of your trousers don't wear out. The knee pads take all the wear and tear. I really like that unexpected benefit. "

" I also need a new pair, but my problem is different. I HATE the friction burn that most knee pads give you behind the back of the knee. If I use knee pads for an entire day, the next two days I will have this ?sun burn? feeling on the back of my legs. My cousin is a bricklayer and has a very nice set of leather knee pads, but when I went to go buy them I was told they don?t make them anymore. So I also would like to hear what you guys consider a good knee pad. "


Trousers with strapless knee pads are vital for you if you spend a lot of time kneeling down, or working at low levels,
or in hard to reach areas. Rather than having to compromise your working conditions or your comfort, you
need work and construction pants with knee padded pants.


1. These types of trousers are ideal for those people who spend a lot of their working day kneeling down. This
can include painters and decorators, plumbers, mechanics, carpet installers, carpenters, roofers, tile setters and
joiners as well as many other trades people.

2. If you're in the emergency services, breakdown services or mountain rescue services, then you can benefit
greatly from wearing knee pads in their work trousers. What if you're a police officer trying to examine evidence
while-kneeling on glass, or a mountain rescue person trying to stabilize a fallen hiker half way up a mountain.
How else could knee pads help you?

3. If you're a gardener, you'll spend a lot of time kneeling down. Being more comfortable will mean that
you are more likely to get all the jobs done that you need to do. If you're a professional gardener, then
you'll get even more use out of trousers with knee pads.

4. Using knee pads when you're working will help to dramatically reduce the risk of having knee problems
later on in life. Think how much harder walking, standing up and sitting down could be if you develop
knee problems that could have easily been avoided.

5. Having the right tools for the job, can make the job much easier, and quicker. In the same way that you
use the appropriate tools for each job, you should also wear the right work-wear.

6. Kneeling with appropriate padding can be much safer than leaning or resting on something unsuitable, especially
for long periods at a time. You're able to concentrate and work more effectively and
efficiently if you're comfortable.

7. Trousers with knee pads are designed to be hard wearing, so that they offer the right level of protection in all
working environments, whether up a ladder in the rain, fitting a carpet, or planting seeds in the spring. And
the beauty of the knee padded system trouser is that you can replace the knee pads from the exterior and if they
are worn out replace the knee pads and not the entire trousers or you can remove the knee pads at will for more comfort
while not kneeling or needing the knee pads.. Replacement knee pads increase and maintain the performance of the trousers
something encased knee pads cannot  accomplish especially when you need to wash the trousers.

8. Trousers with knee pads are very versatile, and can be used in many environments,
from a building site to a prize winning garden.

9. If your hobby or passion involved renovating cars, or mending motorbikes, or DIY, or making things in your garage, then
you'll soon reap the benefits of trousers with knee pads. You'll be able to be comfortable, and get to those hard to
reach areas, or spend more time doing what you need to do without getting tired and sore knees.

10. If you're a trades person, you might work on a variety of different types of jobs, and not know exactly what's coming next.
By wearing trousers with knee pads all the time, you'll never be caught without them when you arrive at your next job.
Millions of people rely on their casual, play and work trousers on a daily
basis, so that they can have the reliability they need.

How can you benefit from Trousers with Knee Pads?

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