"i love these pants i do tile work on my knees daily wish i had them years ago. " Gordon L.

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Our only goal is to create the satisfaction that our customers expect from our product.... We can signature our product to any individual or group by customizing the product to specific needs. But our signature is not only for special orders because our product is unique already meeting the special needs of anyone who makes a purchase.. Give us the opportunity to serve you and in one way or another we will work hard to gain your commitment as we become loyal to your needs and trust, thank you
Jorge Sanchez.

a) Hi tinheart,
You have received a comment on: "ZKARZ Knee Padded Work Pants"
Awesome Project!
Awesome Project!
I really like your Idea and product because there is definitely a great need for this type of work garment throughout many different industries.  You also have a great layout for your pitch and the combination of text, video, and pictures helps tie all your points together very well.
Good luck!
b) I have been wearing the pants for the last 2 weeks and am really enjoying the protection. I use both pads since I'm on hard floors on every call .Nice not having any behind the knee pain from straps. I like that the pocket blends in and not very noticeable. Starting to get questions from other techs where I got them from, and how much.I think this could be a big seller once more exposure is seen. wiould like to get some more done.   Jeff.

c) Jorge,

Hope all is well. So I finally made it out to my next project about a week ago. So I wore the pants for a couple of days and was so pleased with their performance that I washed them as soon as I got back so that I could continue wearing them. The measurement you sent me is perfect.

As for the pants, I'm working on my knees a lot and the material is holding up very well considering the abrasive surfaces and different types of chemicals. The first couple of days my knees were covered in hydraulic fluid and gear oil and after the wash there was very little staining from those chemicals. I noticed the jeans are really thick and sewn a lot better than most jeans, so that's definitely something that I don't take for granted seeing that most of pants usually start tearing the first week, not even my carhartt work pants have stood up to your pants. I've been a little more aggressive than I usually am with these pants only because I know you are depending on my feedback. The only thing on the pants that did not hold up was the button on the side pocket in which I have attached a picture of. As for that padding, it's perfect for me. I keep both because after trying one layer, it wasn't comfortable but after adding the second one, it was perfect. The foam you are using seems to be good because it doesn't take form or flatten so it feels like a new knee pad every time. I can say already that I am going to be a customer of yours. I'm so satisfied with your product. I look forward to working more with you.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel  J. USMC, Sgt (Ret)

d) I HATE STRAP ON KNEE PADS! They are the worst especially if you don't spend 100 of your working time on your knees. Sometimes I need to get up and move around and these darn pads are always in need of re-adjustment and constantly rub my legs the wrong way.

Got a chance to wear in the pants while I worked for the last couple weeks. THEY WORK PERFECT!!!! Pads are perfectly placed so that when I bend down to do something they slide right over my knee caps and upper shins. They fit great! I would maybe say that the material is a little dense as far as the denim blend goes but that also worked to my advantage when I was trimming trees. (No palm fronds scrapping my legs up) Seamus R.

e) Hi Jorge,

I've been wearing them off and on throughout the week. and here are my thoughts so far.

First off, I really have no complaints. You asked for feedback and that means dishing out the full, uncensored truth, but these jeans work so well that I can't really find any cons to them. If anything, I would say they are a little too heavy for my work - inside megayacht engine rooms, most without air conditioning - but that is true for most any work pants. I tend not to wear shorts for work.

The pads are fantastic - I forget they are there, kneeling on diamond-plate deck plates all day, until the next day when I go back to my other pants and start missing the knee pads badly. They make all the difference, and having measured for their placement, there is no thinking to it, no preliminary step, and of course, no adjusting like with strap-on pads. Just kneel, work, stand up again. The pads are right where they need to be, every time.

I've washed the pants a couple of times now, I've gotten them more than dirty enough for repeated washings. There is no shrinking, no fading, no color bleed. They are just as comfortable and sharp-looking as when I took them out of the package. I've beat on them without thinking - sliding over fuel tanks with studs and bolts sticking out of them, going into the bilges past all the pipes and sharp parts, kneeling on the hard metal floors for hours. I just can't use what I can't abuse, and the jeans are holding up just fine after a week. My Dickies, my usual choice, would already have stains and possibly their first tear.

I'm being asked by a few of the other techs about the Zkarz product, and I am sending them to your site. I think you have a winner here!

I want to say thank you for letting me be a part of the product testing, please let me know if you require anything else. I'd be happy to send a follow-up as the weeks wear on. And my next batch of new pants will be coming from you guys.


Gabriel D.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

f) "Great pants, they fit great look better and protect my knees while working as a floor installer."  Saxon N.

g)  "i love these pants i do tile work on my knees daily wish i had them years ago. " Gordon L.

h) Dear Jorge, the pants are great! I am wearing them for several days now, I will soon send you back my other pants and order again for

Brian my nephew. Walter S.

I) I gave these jeans a thorough testing and I think they are great! when I kneel on the concrete floor at work the knee pads work great, they really protect my knees,

they are also comfortable to wear and fit real nice, I would definitely recommend these jeans for anybody who has to work on their kness, very much. Michael P.

J) Super awesome knee pads. Cool looking jeans, Make these in black? Adam T.

K)   i have the padded jeans love them alot so easy on the knees, G. Lang.

L) Today at 12:24 PM
Hi Jorge,


I love my pants with the special knee pads. I wear them every day that I work. I am a professional gardener on my knees almost all day long. I have already worn out the fabric on the knee pads and so I am ordering another pair! J Thank you.


Same size (34 x 30), same color (white), same padding (extra thick) this time. I am wondering if you have a fabric for the knees that is a little tougher. I will need to dye the pants a tan color again. Dying the last pair I purchased went great.


Looking forward to your reply,   Cynthia

M) I have worn these pants and various versions of the pants for over 3 years, I can say that they are everything the idea conveys. Whether Im working or just out and about, I like to wear the pants with or without the padding because just wearing them and the knowing my knees are somehow better covered and protected seems to be a smart choice, it seems odd to wear pants without the knee pockets, it seems every pair of pants I own should just have the pockets, I feel you will have the same awkward feeling every time.   J. Sanchez

N) Jorge,
I recently bought a pair of Union Line Regular Fit Jeans with “A Little More” padding and have given them a good test the last several weeks doing extensive landscaping & gardening tasks which required keeling/crawling on pebble rock, cedar mulch, concert driveways, sidewalks and other rough terrain.
I was very impressed with your product. First, it was a pleasure to receive a high quality made in America product (you can really tell the difference between these jeans and something made in China/Taiwan/etc.). The fit and tailoring is without equal. At first, I thought that the left knee padding was incorrectly placed off center of the knee; however, I noticed that as I kneel on my right knee first, the left knee pad is pulled into place. As to performance, it’s very impressive that these 76-year-old knees can crawl on the ground all day long in comfort without pain. Best thing since canned beer!
Also, a young electrician that was doing some under-deck work for me was very impressed when I showed him my jeans and said he was going to get a pair. Of course, I don’t know if he followed through; but, maybe you will start getting a few more orders from Wichita.
Thanks for making a great product,


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