Style and comfort are two portions to any fashion equation. is leading the way and  carrying only the best in utility workwear for anyone needing comfort and protection for the knees, "The Best Kneee Padded Work Pants in the Industry".

"  I got the pants. They look great, I'm wearing them as I speak, they feel great. I'm going to be working
on a roof and around my parents place today. I'll let you know how it goes. I really
like how the pad covers my knee when I kneel down. It fits perfect. I'll let you know how it goes. "

Thanks again
Don B.


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Work Pants with strapless knee pads are critical when  your knees are brought to the ground. Our goal is to make the most natural, durable and useful pair of strapless knee padded pants in the industry. We want to satisfy the different needs that people can have for when their knees are brought to the ground; uniforms can benefit... having a unique company appearance packaged with a unique utility; gardeners and landscapers can have more comfort; painters, plumbers, AC technicians and mechanics can benefit each time they need to work on thier knees, part-time or full time. The list is endless; photographers, archeologists, concrete workers, camping and hiking its endless. There is a broad range of benefits for a broad range of users, let us help you have added comfort and added protection while you play or work. Whether a trade or a walk through the park, we can customize your pants to your needs... with the appropriate degree of durability and resilient design.